Rock Creek Resort


Temporarily Closed

Due to the growing concern of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to close our doors temporarily. Limited staff will be onsite during this time. We are grateful that there have been no confirmed cases in the Town of Red Lodge or Carbon County. This preemptive action is necessary to self-separate our guests and employees as an abundant measure of caution and responsibility. Our restaurant will continue to maintain restricted services by offering take-out options only. Please call Old Piney Dell at 406-446-1196 to place an order. As we collectively all do our part in fighting the spread of this dreadful virus, we hope that the outcome will be effective and decisive. We look forward to the months ahead with anticipation for a rebirth that comes in Spring and joyful days of sunshine in Summer. Please continue to plan and check back with us often as you consider your first outing after being in confinement. Wishing you and yours’ health, happiness and well-being above all else.