Rock Creek Resort


Old Piney Dell

Old Piney Dell is located at the resort and is situated right on the edge of Rock Creek. For decades it has been one of the area’s favorite spots for a special evening of exceptional dining. The cozy, historic log cabin environment, beautiful views and outstanding menu will make for an evening you will never forget.

Old Piney Dell evolved from a homesteader’s cabin built in the 1920’s. In the 30’s it was used by local ethnic groups as a community and cultural center for music and dance from the old countries. It was first opened as a restaurant in the early 40’s and continues today as one of the finest restaurants in the area offering a rustic ambiance like no other. Create your own memories with a visit to a true “Creekside” escape with a taste of history.

Reservations recommended. Call 406.446.1196


Temporarily CLOSED